Zhanna Bondar

Senior Planner

There is an art to Media Planning, and Zhanna is a Master of It. She has a Bachelor’s in Publishing and Editing from the National University of Taras Shevchenko, and a Diploma in Creative Advertising from Seneca College, where she studied both the creative and business sides of media. At AVC, she brings method and creativity together with years of experience working with clients and designing media plans in the Advertising Industry.

One of her favourite parts of Media Planning: developing strategy and working with the blocking charts! She loves planning, formatting, and details. In fact, she has planned and travelled to nearly every country in Europe (and has plans for months-long trips in the works too).

For fun, she enjoys learning and new experiences, such as she wants to try working in the United States. For now, she meets with friends, explores festivals, and tries out new local restaurants. Her favourite type of cuisine is Ukrainian and Italian! Fun Fact: her two pet Rats, named Ally and Laura, are short for Alaska and Florida.