2021 Multicultural Strategy Tip #4

How do you tap the 10M multicultural market this year? In this blog series, we give you five strategies that you can use as a guide when you formulate your marketing plans for the multicultural audience in 2021.

Get people talking. Tap Emerging Ethnic Micro-influencers.

THE FACTS: Word of mouth is stronger among immigrants versus the mainstream audience.

50% of Chinese consumers use social platforms to gain product information while 40% do impulsive buying online after being influenced by KOLs.

Ethnic groups such as South Asians and Filipinos are hugely influenced by the opinions of trusted people in their community, especially when buying a high value item.

How can your brand be present in these online conversations?

OUR TAKE: Leverage the strong network of influencers to promote your brand among different ethnic audiences.

To learn more about our multicultural strategies, see tip #5 and contact Shaharyar Irfan and Gideon Lin.