Marketing That Works

We’ve been growing multicultural market share for companies across North America since 2003.

Our clients come to us with all kinds of incredible, colourful challenges. We love to take care of their biggest asks in ways they maybe haven’t thought of before. Like connecting with Chinese Canadians on the latest in fashion or beauty trends. Or pumping up acquisition campaigns with newcomer audiences. How about acquiring new ethnic customers across Latino, Filipino or Afro-Caribbean audiences?

Diverse audiences are simply put — a source of growth. And the multicultural and ethnic marketing case studies you’re about to see are solid proof.

Why Talk to Diverse Audiences

Did you know? Canada and the US open its doors to millions of immigrants each year. . Just think. That’s more than a million new customers you can tap. So, seize the opportunity. Create multicultural marketing campaigns with diverse audiences in mind.

Lead with Diversity & Inclusion through Marketing

Representation is vital. Now more than ever, consumers are discerning and choosing brands that are value-based and inclusive. This is where AVC comes in. We push boundaries. Move mountains. Make things happen. For diverse customers to have a real voice in mainstream media. The marketing campaigns we’ve done (and are planning to do) go beyond ethnicity, or language translation and adaptation from mainstream marketing campaigns. Each one reflects cultural insights and spirit of diverse communities.

This is how we did it.