Aleksander Romero

Production Designer

Aleksander has a hidden talent: storytelling. As a Graphic Designer, he ensures that each mock-up, animation, or edit of AVC’s creative assets conveys a beginning, a middle, and a call to action. Designs with a story make for thoughtful and convincing deliverables. It’s no surprise that, before pursuing Graphic Design, he wanted to become a Children’s Books illustrator.

Before joining AVC, he led Graphic Design, Web and UX/UI Design, Product Photography, and Production Design projects for South American, North American, and European companies. He earned a degree in Illustration and Design from Centro Art Escuela de Diseño (Art Center College of Design) in Venezuela and a Diploma in Interactive Media Design from Seneca College.

Aleksander also enjoys journaling, podcasts, and art! He hopes to visit as many art museums as possible, and his favourite museum destinations so far include France, Spain, and New York! He is fluent in Spanish and English and has also studied Latin, French, Japanese, HTML, and CSS. His next voyage: explore Icelandic culture and landscapes.