AVC CEO Joycelyn David tells Narcity why multiculturalism is key to growing your Canadian business in 2021

AVC CEO Joycelyn David tells NARCITY why multiculturalism is key to growing your Canadian business 2021

From 2021 to 2023, Canada aims to bring 1.2 million immigrants to compensate for the shortfall in 2020, the year hit by a global pandemic.

With over a million new people entering Canada from different parts of the world, Canadian businesses need to start thinking about turning this diverse audience into new customers.

"The future is bright because the market has awoken to something we’ve known for 20 years, diversity is good for business."

— AVC CEO Joycelyn David shares in her interview with Narcity.

These newcomers are not the only source of growth. So are the diverse Canadians who are now living in the country. That is why multiculturalism is a key factor to consider when marketers formulate their growth strategy for 2021.

David reveals five ways on how Canadian businesses can successfully tap into the multicultural market. Read the full article, click here.

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