Catherine Dona

Creative Strategist & Copywriter

Once upon a time, Cathy’s fourth grade English teacher suspected her of turning in a plagiarized essay. To test if ten-year-old Cathy wrote the essay, the teacher pulled her aside and asked this question out of nowhere: “What’s the meaning of mediocre?” To which she confidently replied, “It means average, ma’am.” Shocked by her broad vocabulary, the teacher let Cathy live happily ever after since then. Perhaps the awards she won in several writing contests in those years convinced her too.

Today, Cathy doesn’t answer to teachers anymore but to brands. As a Creative Strategist and Copywriter, she makes sure that the words she uses to tell your brand’s story are never mediocre. But are words that win minds, hearts, and bottom-lines. She’s been in the game for nearly two decades having worked for multinational ad agencies such as Dentsu Philippines and Publicis Manila in her home country, and a few locally-owned across Oman, Dubai, and Singapore. She also once wore the hat of Online Content Director for GMA Network, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the Philippines.

Bringing her wordsmithing skills to AV Communications, her pen will not rest until every brand gets its happy ending as she did.