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June is Filipino Heritage Month. It seemed like the right time for Filipino-Canadians Joycelyn David and Argentina Beltran to join forces and rally some 12 million Filipinos living overseas to celebrate their invaluable contributions to the countries they now call their second home.

#FILIPINOW is a first-of-a-kind initiative spearheaded by Joycelyn and Argentina. The campaign is calling on the Filipino diaspora to tell their stories out loud throughout June.

“We want to instill a sense of belonging and solidarity among Filipinos,” says Joycelyn, CEO and owner of leading Toronto-based multicultural agency AV Communications. “We want to elevate the Filipino community and importantly tell their stories through their own words.”

Backed by prominent Filipino influencers and media community advocates across North America, #FILIPINOW stemmed from Joycelyn and Argentina’s shared desire to connect with Filipinos of all backgrounds and generations worldwide.

The campaign hashtag #FILIPINOW combines a sense of urgency that “now” is the right time to talk about the impact of the community beyond the healthcare industry. Through this campaign, the duo aims to dispel stereotypical notions of who Filipinos are. Filipinos are not just proud healthcare frontliners, they are social drivers, innovators, and yes, even heroes.

Through #FILIPINOW, Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur Argentina is on a mission to showcase the Filipino’s brand of leadership across various industries and professions. “My name might be Argentina but I am a proud Filipina. To my Filipino brothers and sisters, I encourage you to keep showing your resilience, your knack for innovation, and keep building our legacy across the world,” she says.

Starting June 1, Filipino Canadians who want to participate in the campaign can simply:

•  Post how proud you are of being a Filipino/a/x.
•  Tag a Filipino/a/x who inspires them.
•  Share a photo of that favourite Filipino/a/x.
•  Use hashtag #FILIPINOW

Now is the right time to show the world how proud you are of being Filipino. As Argentina said, “Filipinos are here. We matter and we are visible.” If you want to know more about the #FILIPINOW campaign, watch the video below or reach out to your kababayan Joycelyn David.