H&M Canada taps AVC to launch WeChat Account

AVC created an always-on and bilingual content marketing strategy for the brand’s first ever owned WeChat account.  We drove engagement through contest promotions via fashion and beauty influencers in Toronto and Vancouver, representing the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwanese segments.  In less than one year, the unique followers surpassed 100,000 –something no other brand in Canada has been able to replicate to date.

H&M Canada WeChat

Frédéric Tavoukdjian, President H&M Canada, tells strategy that the brand wanted to extend H&M’s presence on the popular and growing platform, which has more than 1 million active users in Canada. He says H&M was “very happy with the results” with respect to follower numbers.

H&M’s global teams are currently creating app content that the brand can adapt to make locally relevant for Canada – including local initiatives with influencers, special offers, and other customer events.