Kelly Luu

Marketing Analyst

At AVC, Kelly is a Marketing Analyst Summer Intern and supports the team with research and content writing. Before joining AVC, she assisted a history professor in their research and archived for a non-profit! Currently, she’s pursuing a dual degree in Honours Business Administration and English Language & Literature.

During high school, she founded a sustainability club, was a member and president of the art council, and marketed for several other student organizations. What drew her to marketing is how humans think. She noticed that observing human behaviour could decode how to improve an event’s success, engage more students, or decrease school assembly boringness!

In her free time, you can find her taking walks (even in the winter) or reading (she recommends Madeline Miller for Greek mythology fans!). Born in Canada, she’s fluent in English and knows a bit of Cantonese and French. One day, she hopes to teach.