Kimesha Walters

Director, Creative Strategy & Communications

In another life, Kimesha would have been an exceptional DJ. She would effortlessly pull in sold-out appearances through her talented skills and knack for fusing brilliant lyrical combinations with soul stirring music to sweep you off your feet. Kimesha thinks in song lyrics and she finds happiness in various genres. Nothing else has the power to fire her up to take on the demands of her busy schedule like her eclectic mix of musical selections that deeply resonate with her soul.

In lieu of a thriving career as a DJ, Kimesha has made a life of beautifully crafting words to move people, brands, and organizations. She has a host of experience across advertising, communications, marketing, and public relations, and she is better off for it. Ask Kimesha about what lights her up, and she will tell you that she is passionate about serving clients and delivering exceptional results. But that’s not all. Kimesha is also passionate about giving back to her community and country, and she expresses this through her 11-year-old charity, Amazing Prospects, and volunteering with several organizations across Canada and Jamaica.

Kimesha has worked on an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized clients across diverse industries in North America and the Caribbean, including the likes of Adidas, Frito Lay, GraceKennedy, Heineken, Hyundai, Jada Toys, Jay@Play Toys, Microsoft, Pepsi, Red Stripe, Scotiabank, and Western Union.

She brings her signature Caribbean flair, global outlook, and meticulous work ethic to every project, and she does this effortlessly while working in harmony with cross-functional and multicultural teams as a Creative Strategy & Communications Director here at AVC.