Liu Young

Content Marketing Specialist

As a versatile writer and editor in both Chinese and English, Liu is experienced with documentary scriptwriting, commercial script writing, content marketing, copywriting, and translation. She loves words, and she often wonders if ‘bilingual writing’ could become her life work.

Liu thrives on learning and expanding her horizon. Video and coding are two new languages she recently acquired and she’s eager to explore them further – a testament to her indomitable will. Liu has a BA double major in Chinese Literature and Philosophy from Peking University, a master’s degree of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in application development in Toronto. She has a deep connection to these subjects, and she likes Su Shi – A Chinese literati/ gastronomist – (and yes, she also likes sushi), Kurt Vonnegut, Henri Matisse, Jiang Wen and Léa Seydoux.

One thing you’ll be quick to find out about Liu is that she has a keen interest in developing both useful and useless everyday skills. She’ll tell you about that time she built a bed, grew gigantic sunflowers, fixed her toilet, cooked superb duck, and finally, how she enjoys being constantly perched by an exotic bird. In her third year of self-learning classical guitar, she started a YouTube channel aptly named “All We Can Eat” to experiment with sit-down comedy and casual comparative studies on Western/Eastern cuisine.

With her eclectic tastes and diverse skillset, it is no wonder that Liu plays multiple roles at AVC, including Chinese and English copywriting, influencer management, and multimedia content production for AVC’s official WeChat account.