Maureen Tang

Media & Account Director

Maureen has a strong left brain and an equally powerful right brain, meaning she is both analytical and creative. At work, Maureen is methodical and organized and when she’s not busy finding creative client solutions, she enjoys sketching and crocheting. You will be surprised to find out that Maureen’s drawing skills are exceptional; and we consider her an untutored yet outstanding artist.

Maureen is psyched that she gets to talk to and work with people from so many different countries around the world. It makes every day stand out with a million different awesome moments. That’s because people are what make Maureen tick. Her biggest accomplishment in life so far is having built great relationships with her friends, family, and everyone around her. And we can all see why. Tell Maureen a good joke and her laugh is infectious. Share your best moving-to-Canada story and Maureen is all ears. Ask her to describe her favourite vacation and she’ll tell you about spending time at a family farm back in China, climbing hills, picking potatoes, smiling in the summer sun. See what we mean? We all feel better already.