Nigel Louis D’Souza

Digital & Content Marketing Specialist

Nigel’s very first job was selling ads in Rolling Stone magazine, which may be where he fell in love with working creatively. In fact, Nigel is the most thrilled when he sets his mind on thinking differently. Teasing out incredible ideas to help companies reach their audiences in innovative ways. Bouncing ideas off his teammates and running with the best ones. Finding the most fascinating solutions to develop our clients’ digital identities. He’s an adventurer on the weekends, too – doing stuff like rock climbing and cycling, while avoiding centipedes at all costs. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life, he’d choose burgers, hands down. Maybe while watching Fight Club. Or Reading The Alchemist. For Nigel, Batman is the coolest, but if he could have a superpower, he’d choose to make people laugh uncontrollably. Pretty cool, Nigel. Pretty cool.