Quyen Le

Account Manager

Quyen is a Swiss army knife. She manages the AVC team and helps clients meet their objectives. Quyen’s secret weapon, though, is her fascination with people. After earning her Honours Bachelor’s in Psychology from Lakehead University, she worked with a theatre company. Here, she discovered that marketing and understanding the human condition go hand-in-hand. She transformed her empathy and passion for helping others to market for the non-profit.

With a Post-Graduate in Public Relations and Communications, she has worked in Strategy, Events, Advertising, and Communications. Now AV Communications is her home, where in multicultural marketing, empathy is ever more important. Taking new perspectives, learnings from her diverse team, and her psychological background, Quyen gets to the root of all problems.

Born in Indonesia and moving to Canada when she was two years old, she’s also fluent in English and Vietnamese. She likes cooking, baking, and everything experiential — festivals, performances, and art! (She recommends the AGO). She hopes to one day visit Bali with her dog, Baloo, to go full circle and learn about the place near where she was born.