Rachel Kwok

Media Planner

Rachel kicks butt when it comes to media planning for AVC client campaigns. We can’t think of anyone who’s better at getting into the heads and hearts of our target audiences to understand their behavior and habits, then meshing that with the best media mix to launch our clients’ brands into the stratosphere. She’s got loads of experience from digital and social roles in Toronto and Hong Kong including for Hearts & Science, Cue Digital, The Associated Press, and Maxus Global. After all that screen time, getting back to nature by going on hiking and backcountry camping trips to places like Ontario’s Arrowhead Provincial Park, is key for Rachel. Traveling with family to places, like Thailand, and trying new experiences with her friends, like finding great new Phō places, are also huge. Just don’t ask her to visit the tiger exhibit at the zoo. Or the Christmas Market in the Distillery District. One’s too scary. The other’s too cold.