Research Game-Changer:AVC CEO Joycelyn David talks to Strategy about its multicultural insight platform, ETHNIHUBTM

“My role in the multicultural space is trying to get everyone on a level playing field of understanding.”

AVC CEO Joycelyn David shares this bold vision in a recent interview with Strategy for AV Communications’ proprietary digital research platform, ETHNIHUBTM.

Borne out of a need to get into the minds of multicultural consumers faster and easier than employing traditional market research methods, ETHNIHUBTM aims to be a game-changer for brands who want to understand ethnic consumers, right now. Not later.

David tells Strategy, “Knowledge is power. But not if it takes months to analyze and then act on.”

Launched in October 2020, David says that ETHNIHUBTM is designed to connect marketers with real-time multicultural insights that not only give voice to the consumer but also verify the authenticity of insights.

“Validating insights is so important in multicultural, and if you don’t have consumer-generated feedback, it’s easy to fall into cultural biases,” David further explains.

She ends the interview by stressing the importance of always being on when engaging with diverse communities.

“It’s great you want to do a Diwali or Chinese New Year campaign and you’re recognizing it’s a season to connect with those audiences, but it’s not the only time to connect. You need to be always on, as the market is always on,” David tells Strategy.

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