Xi Sun

Digital Campaign Manager

It might be fair to say that Xi has been living a “triple treat” of a life. She has made three countries her home: China, France, and Canada, and it’s not surprising that she speaks fluent Mandarin, French, and English, which makes Canada officially one of the most welcoming countries for her. But, if you think of all Xi’s adventures, her triple treat is only one fifth of the countries she has been. Living and visiting different places has given her unique perspectives on both life and work. As a SEM expert in previous agencies like Performics (Publicis) and Havas Media, she worked with both B2B and B2C clients including Lenovo, Emirates, Oracle, Singapore Tourism Board, AXA.

Xi’s personality is nothing short of a paradox: she has a fear for deep bodies of water (Thalassophobia, perhaps), but the seaside is her favorite landscape when she’s choosing a travel destination. She loves summer yet she chose Montreal as her latest hometown; and though she feasts on dessert, one of her biggest accomplishments has been losing over 10kg with exercise. Her solution to her contradictory traits is to keep a good balance of everything in life and work.

Xi believes that an interesting soul makes an interesting world, and she proves that every day in how she lives her life with boundless enthusiasm and a knack for adventure.