Xiafan Li

Content Producer & UX Specialist

Xiafan has always been a prolific content producer. In the past ten years, he has written hundreds of content pieces for TV and new media – from China to America, back to China again, and finally here in Canada.

As a Content Producer at AVC, Xiafan delivers excellent marketing content in all kinds of formats for brands such as H&M, BMO Financial, Arbor Memorial, and Canon. One thing that satisfies him is to see his work go live and boost sales for clients.

When he is not writing content or contacting media agencies, you can find him taking photos of the sunset at the lakefront or grilling Northern Chinese barbeque beef in his backyard. Those two other things make him feel 100% satisfied.

Since Xiafan has producer blood in him, we would not be surprised if he ends as a film or music producer someday! But before that, he will wield his artistic talent at AVC.