Congrats to our amazing client H&M for their first-ever collection with designer Angel Chen.

H&M announced its next designer capsule collection, with Angel Chen, due out this September 2019. Chen is the first Chinese designer to have collaborated on a designer capsule with the fast-fashion giant, according to an announcement by WWD.

H&M Canada

“When I was designing the capsule, my priority was to reflect Chinese culture and my brand identity in a meaningful way, sell through became secondary,” Chen shared in a statement to WWD. “I chose some iconic looks from my archive, and gave it an update in colorway, material and details. For example, we used 100 percent recycled nylon mesh fabric to construct my bodysuit, and that came out of a discussion I had with H&M on how to integrate sustainability into my brand.” Per the announcement, the designs are “based on the spirit of Chinese martial arts,” featuring “elements such as pine tree, bamboo, dragon, and crane.” The collection will range from about $9 to $217.