ETHNIHUB™ Connects Marketers with Real-time Multicultural Insights.

AVC launches proprietary reward-based platform
generating consumer insights from diverse Canadian audiences.

By 2031, 47% of visible minorities in Canada will be children of immigrants. 350,000 new immigrants enter Canada each year, along with 400,000 international students. It’s no wonder the multicultural population in Canada is skyrocketing. How can brands tap into this large, fast-growing, and diverse consumer market?

 Insights, Insights and More Customer Insights

“Everything starts with the customer” explains Joycelyn David, Owner & CEO of AVC. With ETHNIHUB™ we aim to connect brands to diverse audiences and help answer their most critical marketing questions.”

Since our beta launch in Q4 2019, ETHNIHUB has generated insights from questions and topics such as: What kind of tea do South Asian buyers prefer? What do Filipino families look for in a financial provider? What luxury brands do Mainland Chinese immigrants prefer? What would Halal consumers want to see on Canadian QSR menus?

Today, the questions being asked by brands in Canada, on an increasing basis, represent a massive paradigm shift towards diversity in business strategy and marketing campaigns.

Paradigm Shifts and Speed to Insight

“We’ve definitely seen a shift with Canadian brands wanting to engage with multicultural and diverse audiences” Joycelyn adds. “Knowledge is power. But not if it takes months to analyze and then act on. Helping our clients with speed-to-insight was a critical piece of our development and design.”

Developed inhouse during the “down-time” of the global pandemic, ETHNIHUB recently landed Joycelyn and AVC a spot in Microsoft’s Women in Cloud Accelerator. Joycelyn credits the development team Abhinav Sood, Hassan Iqbal and Shaharyar Irfan who worked on all aspects of the UX, front end design and product design.

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