Woman in Cloud: AVC CEO Joycelyn David Joins 4.0 Cohort of Microsoft Accelerator

Within just over a year of acquiring Toronto based multicultural marketing agency AV Communications (AVC), CEO Joycelyn David is set to take it up a notch. A trailblazer in Canada’s multicultural marketing industry, she spearheaded the development of ETHNIHUB™ which landed her a coveted spot in the Microsoft backed Women in Cloud Accelerator.

Women in Cloud (WiC) has become a leading community and resource for women innovators all over the world and has been able to scale globally to 9 countries. Having graduated over 22 women-led companies, 25 enterprise-ready solutions, $50M in opportunities created, and 20+ jobs created and bagging major media coverage for Women in Cloud on Microsoft, GeekWire, TechNative, Times of India, CIO Dive, Small Business Trends, and more.

WiC recognizes the power and importance of marketing technology in today’s marketing ecosystem. With the massive shift this year in media consumption and the way many businesses and industries operate, we’re certainly looking forward to watching the 4.0 cohort of WiC unfold in a purely digital landscape and what the future holds for women entrepreneurs.