Connect in their language of comfort.

We help you connect authentically with multicultural customers across Canada and around the world. So, you can lead your marketing efforts with diversity and inclusion.

Creative Services

Ideation is our strongest suit. Whether those ideas are expressed through a social media post, digital video, website, or TVC, AVC is the marketing agency that brings ideas to life through storytelling fueled by creativity.

Content Marketing

Content is king. And we couldn’t agree more. AVC produces timely and relevant original content in hundreds of languages your diverse customers speak.

Video & Production

You don’t need to look anywhere else. From scouting and casting ethnic talents, shooting, audio recording, to post-production work, AVC takes care of all your production needs in-house.

Custom Photography

Finding the right shot with the right talent is a challenge. And sometimes, stock image libraries are simply just not enough. That’s where AVC comes in. We do custom photography and give you exactly what you ask for.