Knowledge is power

What do your diverse customers want most? Understanding your audience is the first step in building a strong strategic multicultural marketing campaign. Why do they buy your brand? When do they use it? How can you improve it? What do they think of your competition? All good questions. Just think about what you can do with the answers.

AVi’s online panels, research, and ethnic surveys can tell you just that for your next marketing campaign.

AVC’s diverse audience intelligence platform for brands and marketers. Tap into our engaged network of multicultural consumers to answer your most critical marketing questions – delivered right to your inbox. Easy-peasy.

Digital Focus Groups

Learn everything you need to know about your multicultural market’s preferences, usage, or affinity without the heavy expense of traditional focus groups.

Field Research

Get personal, one-on-one feedback from your most engaged consumers right where they are. You can’t get more real than that.

Price Sampling

Analyzing data from a host of different field research programs can uncover unique, actionable insights. With pinpoint accuracy.